Why Do Men Always Dominate Women

It’s rule of our so – called society that a man always doninate a woman. As we know that we are living in a patriarchal society where a woman always need to do what her husband/father ask her to do. If we talk about ancient time that there were Purdah system, Sati system, Child marriage, which always tried to question the existence of a woman.

When I was a child, I used to observe the inequality in our society and then used to think that – ‘ I wish, I could be a boy’. Not only me but also used to think the same.

The situation of a woman even get worse after her marriage because some man treats his wife like a thing.

But being a girl we should never allow anyone to force us because offcourse we are not a thing. We should be proud to be a girl because it’s so hard to be a girl. Nobody can’t bear that much pain what we do everyday, Nobody can work very hard for one’s identity what we are doing. So proud to be a girl.


Yes, I proud to be a girl,

A girl who suffered a lot,

A girl with full attitude,

A girl who is judged by thr society,

After wearing shorts & skirts

Have to face their bloody staring attitude.


Yes, I proud to be a girl,

Whose role is very important for everyone,

Yeah, we have to face inequality,

But trust me you are nothing without a woman  in the society.

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