What She Need?

In return for so much care, so much love, the only thing a woman wants is that you also understand her, give her respect, give her love. She wants her sacrifice not to go in vain. A woman in every form, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, in every form, fulfills her duty with all her heart, she does not allow any lapse in her relationship.
When a sister gives her share of love to the brothers, then the brothers should understand that the sister also needs that love.
When a wife leaves everything for her husband, then the husband should respect her feelings and understand her.
Sacrifice is not only for women, why they are taught only from childhood till going to the next house, to live for others. If men cannot give anything to women in return for their sacrifice, at least try to understand them. Do, talk to them with love. Don’t insult them.
How much a woman does for everyone, she takes care of others before herself. No matter how upset or ill she herself is, she still takes care of our needs. And in return the woman only wants a little love but We can’t even give it to her. Even after doing all this, she is taunted as to what you have done.Due to this type of behavior continuously, a person falls alone in spite of everyone. Feeling sad. When a woman does some work for her loved ones, then she mixes her whole love in it, she does everything for you with all her heart.

“Hold her hand when she feels alone”

“Be there always when she needs you”

“Try to understand her emotions, her fake smiles when she’s really in pain”

“Sometimes when she says something in anger to you, then knowing the reason for her anger, do not become the reason for doubling her anger because, you shout at her even if the salt in the vegetable is less.

And last but not least

Love her as much as you love your mother because she is the one who carries forward your lineage.

-Priyanka Siraswal

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