Gabriel Garcia Marquez! It is not just a name, atleast for the literary community around the globe.The preacher of ‘Magical realism’ who went global in just one book, “One hundred years of solitude”. Many readers consider this as the best book they have ever met in their entire life, no wonder it got translated to more than forty five languages and was sold more than 50 million copies!

Well, almost all of his books including ‘Chronicle of a death foretold ‘,’Love in the time of cholera’ and ‘The autumn of a patriarch’ are famous, it is just this1967 book of solitude created, established and cemented his throne in the world of literature. The novel unravels the story of seven generations of the ‘Buendia’ family, starting from Jose Arcadio Buendia and his wife Ursula Iguaran. Jose Arcadio Buendia is the founding patriarch of Macondo, the imaginary town of mirrors. The whole story is plotted in this place.This small town has been created and flourished in milions of minds in millions of ways and still continues to take a new turn with every reading.

Even though world acknowledges him as one of the most successful writers, it was not easy for him to ascend this throne. He was forty when he established himself as a writer through this book. He had years of struggle behind, he was just one among the millions of content creators.

Some critics have acclaimed that he was the lucky charm of the Latin American boom of the late 1960s. His works came to a more tamed world and that’s what made this book versatile. Even Marquez has regarded that ‘One hundred years of solitude’ is not his greatest work ever. Whatever may be the criticism, the magical realism led mystic atmosphere of Macondo is one of the best experiences that any reader can ever get.

Why did a book portraying the story of seven generations of a family and hundred years of a town became the song of solitude? Well, this question is not to be answered, but to be found!

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