The current Spike in Petrol/diesel price is a Masterstroke.

21/02/2021, 01:17 AM; Saturday 

According to the sources of our highly qualified alumni’s of our prestigious WhatsApp University Dr Achambhit Patra the current increase in the fuel price is a masterstroke this has done for the development and to spread awareness towards our diverse culture.

“This spike in fuel prices will make all the so-called Liberals use other means of transport such as our traditional horses and bulls which are symbols of the culture and they have to leave their cars or any other vehicles as they will not be able to afford current fuel prices”, our cultural representative said. He further added that this is a double attack on all the Western countries along with China who was trying to spoil our roots by exporting their cars to our highly divine country also it’s an attack on their economy now their so-called big companies will have to suffer due to the less demand they will have to shut their operations and slowly the world will adopt our Culture and India will again become “MAHAGURU” the “knowledge hub of the world”.

Even our great friends America has also believed that our current initiatives will impact the whole world in the best possible way and slowly the pollution level will be zero and our health ratio along with the happiness index will become exceptional due to the less use of vehicles.

So, at last we as a loyal citizens have to support this current spike in-fact we should do a protest and demand to make petrol price 15lakh.

The government says the increase in fuel price is a planed masterstroke to increase the cycling activities.Now, people of our great nation will be more healthy 

~Health Minister 

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