Teach to learn

First of all thanks to mam for give me the opportunity to join teach to learn. This is a one month course will teach us the required skills. Teach to learn give a platform there we show our ability and improve our skills. The teachers and mentor ready for help in every time and describe everything in detail. They give us  daily tasks for write our ideas and thought about things , product etc. we can complete our assignment anytime. This is the best platform to connect with other peoples and know there thought. This course is really help us to improve learning and writing power. This course not only for students it also for housewife, office worker and all the youth. Every week we learn something new and I have completed​ two weeks. In two weeks I learn about descriptive​, narrative, brand writing, content writing etc. Teacher read all the content and appreciate every student. This online course is very important for all to learn something new and for future. Today in the world online work demand became high and  they need a freelancer​ for there work by the teach to learn we got a good opportunity in life.         Thank you

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