Shh! Nature Listens

Sometimes, just sometimes I close my eyes
I feel the fragrance of wet mud that seems to be glued to my toes.
It’s a truly magical feeling to let the sand cover our toes slowly.
To bask in the coolness of it ever so slowly.
I make the motions with my toes to create a new space just like how late nights dash me to close my eyes.

The magic of Nature is the grace of the poet’s grace.
The trees blink forcing yellow leaves to fall while I lift them with my palms, it is after all my grace.

Sometimes I watch the sky, the host of stars.
The sky holds those shiny petals within the dead intervals as we store rice in jars.

Sometimes Nature lifts my spirits as the tea trunk does.
The velvety sound of a waterfall does.
Nature is serenity.
Perhaps, it’s a soul similarity for me.

Sometimes Ephemeral musicality.
For every time, A vitality for our security.

Shh! Nature listens!

So speak slowly!

Just Listen!

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