Poverty in India

“Extreme poverty anywhere is a threat to human security everywhere. ” Truely quoted by Kofi Annan, Seventh secretary General of United Nations.
We’ve always learnt in our childhood that “anything’s excess is bad” . So, how can the extreme of poverty be good?
“Poor”, we don’t find many millionaires who help out poor people. Some even think that poor people are untouchables. Why is this the mentality about the poor?
If we don’t let them be a part of our society, if we don’t help them, How will they come up being rich or even middle class?
Now, more than ever… These poor people need our help. The poverty line has been increased after a long time. In this pandemic time, economical status has fallen down with the rise in poverty. Life for them, before this pandemic was not much favourable too but they somehow started to set in with their life but this pandemic changed the whole dynamics. India has been majorly affected by this pandemic.
We, in this hard time have to help these people. Being a responsible citizen and a human too , we should help them with all the necessities. We are the one’s responsible for this poverty, so we should take the responsibility to decrease this too.
We have many examples set by many renowned people, they not only set an example for us by helping the people in need but also showed their kindest gesture towards humanity. One of these examples is our own on screen-villian but off screen- hero , Sir Sonu Sood. He helped the needy, the migrants and the poor during the lockdown. He helped the poor and the labour migrants by providing them packed food .
We can help them too, by providing some clothes, some food, etc.

Thank you🇮🇳

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