Mixed the ingredients
Sitting for a while in rest.

Spread flat the base
Decorated with toppings
Chicken, capsicum, olives
Mayonnaise and ketchup so colourful
Pushed into cooking mode
Waiting with patience
For the spicy smelling smoke.

Time’s too much
Too late for exit
Burnt black results born
Dump in the waste
Mommy ready, in collective
Words that pop out of her mouth

Never be you paralysed
Shouting and screaming
Just a bit of smoke
Always cool mind

The day come
Your day
N’er prejudices
Forefront for another challenge
The best ever pizzas
Yummy sensations
Mouth watering
Overflown from mug.

Every cloud has a silver lining
Every pizzas taste best.
That’s like your exam
Failing once is not falling forever.

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