Too sensitive people are overthinkers, being sensitive is good but extreme of everything is not good at all.

Everyone faces the up and downs of  life and it’s obvious to go through the phase of overthinking,  but if overthinking becomes your habit and you use to waste your numerous couples of hour just in overthinking it’s really dangerous for your mental health and physical health too.

Situations can be handled or controlled through your actions and if the situation is out of your control, so what? ?Let
it be. You have to just flow with the time.

So if any thought disturbs you much then take a deep breath and give assurance to yourself that everything is going to be fine  as every dark night ends with dawn. Only what you can do is to focus on your actions and goals. Slowly and gradually your efforts,  your positive actions ,your patience will be rewarded.

Article by Khan Atiya Rafi

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