Online trap

In a growing world of communication and connectivity, lie some people who engage in misdemeanors led by varied factors. With the ever changing outlook of the community, modus operandi of several crimes have taken a new way. Some of which includes cyber crime.

What is cyber crime?
Any illegal act in which a computer or communication device or computer network is used to commit a crime or facilitate the commission of a crime.

What are its various forms?
Harassment through e-mails, Cyber stalking, Cyber defamation, child pornography, Cyber bullying, Cyber grooming etc.

What steps need to be initiated if anyhow you get yourself caught in the trap of these online bullies?
• Contact the nearest cyber cell or police station
• You can also file an anonymous report through National Cyber crime Reporting Portal
• Keep all the soft copy and necessary details handy, this in turn will be used to help find the offender.

What can be done to prevent such crimes?
• Watch out for unessential/deceitful telephone/email messages.
• Don’t react to email messages that request individual information.
• Be mindful of false Websites used to take individual information.
• Pay consideration regarding protection approaches on Websites and in programming .
• Guard your email address.

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