Olive oil:Health Benefits

Olive Oil is a major components of the Mediterranean diet.

In this article find out move about the health benefits of olive oil and find some ideas on how to use it.

  • Benefits:-
  • Free radicals are substance that the body produces during metabolism and other processes Antioxidants neutralise free redicals.
  • Metabolic syndrome:-
  • Metabolic syndrome is a condition characterized by a group of risk factors that increase disease risk,  including obesity,high blood sugar levels.
  • Health Benefits:-
  • Improve the health of babies and slightly increase birth weight.
  • Reduce the risk of age -related macular degeneration,which cause vision loss
  • Nutrition:-
  • According to The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA),1tbsp;or 13.5grams(g) of Olive oil, provides:
  • 119 calories
  • 13.5g of fat ,of which 1.86g is saturated
  • 1.9Milligrams (mg)of vitamin ‘K’.



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