Everywhere there is a view of ruins,Somewhere someone is dying,Somewhere someone is helpless to meet loved ones.Some are suffering from poverty, hunger, while some are also troubled in luxuries.Someone is worried whether food will be available in the evening or not?So someone is wasting food at great parties.Somebody lost everyone in this corona pandemic So someone is the farthest in spite of everyone.Don’t know how long all this will last, but do not keep distance from your loved ones, increase your closeness with your loved ones.Everything is changing with the passage of time, parents are getting old.Sit with them sometime, make them a part of your life too.Sometimes make them laugh at your words too.In this runaway life, everyone is busy in themselves but, atleast sometimes try to spend two moments at leisure with parents.Because no matter how much you earn or how much good work you do, but nothing is more precious than the happiness of parents.
Learn to appreciate because only a person who does not have the thing can understand the importance of that thing. The value of a person or a thing is understood only after losing it.
Don’t let your life go in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, squeeze life out of every moment of it.Good or bad time doesn’t stop for anyone, so don’t stop for time either.

-Priyanka Siraswal

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