We all love junk food right 😊and specially the ones made of potatoes

●mouth watering right ●

Mccains food Ltd. is one of the largest producers of French fries and potato specialties

LOCATION ●Florenceville

●New Brunswick


💭Mccain has grown to become a global leader in the frozen food industry ,McCain Foods of our country India is wholly -owned subsidiary of McCain Foods limited in Canada

🤚Although people know them for fries but they also produces other innovative food products to

These includes 💌Appetizers 💌variety of frozen and chilled prepared potato products


Advantage of using them

💥Save time ,energy

💥easy to make

💥delicious home recipe for guest

Disadvantage of using them

☠sodium content is high which can create various issues like Hypertension

☠As they are ready to serve so people use them many times a day

☠A major concern in them is the use of partially hydrogenated Palm oil which might have hidden, dangerous trans

🙏Eat everything but in limit because as we know excessive use of everything is danger 🤚👨‍🏫

Eat in right quantity and focus more on nutrition rich food like frozen fruits and vegetables

😇Eat healthy and live wisely 😇

-Satakshi Bisht

9 .feb.2021


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