Nature is Life



If anyone is the most beautiful in this world, it is nature. But man has destroyed the beauty of nature for his comforts. The beauty of the past is nowhere to be seen, the beauty of the past is nowhere to be seen, just the destruction of the environment is visible everywhere. A city covered with a sheet of pollution is visible far and wide. There is neither morning nor evening as before. Man has created so much in the name of progress for his comforts that along with nature, birds are also suffering a lot, gradually all are dying and disappearing.

Keep environment clean and Save your Heart beats.

Everyone knows that nowadays is the era of machines, everything is easily done by machines. Within a few moments, however, the animals are being harmed a lot due to the chemicals, wastes being discharged into the rivers by these machines. The environment is getting polluted and due to this animals as well as humans themselves are getting disturbed.
Even though man has not planted as many trees as he has cut so far, and now everyone is facing problems due to this epidemic like corona. Everyone is buying oxygen again, but the idea of ​​saving nature still hasn’t come to anyone’s mind. . Just save one’s life and everyone in the family is safe, later they will again forget the importance of oxygen which Corona has taught us.

Every day we hear different types of news, read in the newspaper, nature is in danger but still we ignore it like every time and move ahead, then sometime in future nature comes in front of us in the form of epidemic. And even when we blame each other, we don’t see ourselves how much we care?

All day Green Day
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