National Perspective on Pandemic

“India was full of self-confidence after successfully tackling first wave of COVID-19, this ‘toofan’ (2nd wave) has shaken country,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
As the first wave of the coronavirus was dealt with imposing lockdown which was further accompanied by norms viz wearing masks, social distancing and sanitization. Subsequently, India got exposed to the second wave of the virus which unshared to aggregated number of cases (Maharashtra-67160, Uttar Pradesh-37944 and Delhi-24103 being the most active one’s). The second wave of the virus is somewhat contingent upon the supply of the oxygen to the individuals. Hospitals in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi are incapable to converge the demand of the individual by providing them the medical oxygen. The government have to expedite the allotment of oxygen cylinders to the State as it is one of the way out from this crisis. The Delhi High Court reportedly stated to the government that if any person obstructs the supply of oxygen, he would be hanged by the court. “We will not spare anyone” the bench added.

The Election Commission of India after noting that norms were being scoffed in West Bengal during campaigning, the commission banned road shows , vehicle rallies and also further said that there would be no public meeting having more than 500 people. While pandemic is raging, United States are going to send spare vaccines doses, ‘AstraZeneca Vaccine’ to New Delhi as the country is in the throes of a horrendous CoVID-19 surge, stated by U.S Senator ED Markey and Ashish K.Jha, a doctor and dean of The Brown University. “IN the situation of extremities, the Remdisivir (“The most successfully acclaimed vaccine noted to be unlawfully gratified at 22000”- The Hindu”).

Thereafter, the individual can become more anguish than before. So, the person should commutate his duty by getting vaccinated and follow all the norms for his benefit .

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