Lockdown For Women
  • Lockdown is not same for everyone


Be it a 21-day lockdown, or three months or a year, it doesn’t matter to every woman who doesn’t care which market is open or which shop is closed. Every woman….a housewife, a mother, she has always been living this lockdown, sometimes taking care of the responsibilities of the house, sometimes because of your behavior. She does not live her life of her own free will. These 21 days are normal for her, all lockdowns are normal for her or rather stay at home in the name of lockdown. Nothing has changed for her as usual. Now you can better understand her feelings, her loneliness, her desires. Because now you felt this lock down, and just because now you suffocate by staying at home, but you used to go out everyday asking her to stay at home. Now how did you feel about her situation? So now whenever it opens after this lockdown, whenever everything will be fine, you promise that you will never make her feel lonely and if not everyday then at least once a week or once a month you take her out Go get it. Women are not made to be kept imprisoned in the house.

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