Lay your eggs and enjoy

Do you know, a hen lays an egg almost every day? My neighbor enjoys that egg, seeing it makes my mouth watery. What do you think, how the hen would be feeling, by laying an egg every day? She must not have desired a life where she has to face tremendous pain every day. Whether she likes it or not, she performs her duty. She could fight it for what she wants, but in the end, she will have to lay every day. See squawks for a while and later, enjoy the day.

Don’t you think your task is similar to her? Are not you, as a leader, laying eggs every day? Are you in a situation, you have to perform a specific task daily, which you don’t like doing?

When the organization is on-peak period, the leader has to perform at its best level. When sweating is not enough, leaders bleed to fulfill the organizational need.

Sometimes, we have to do what we don’t want to do and never even thought of doing so. We do because it is the need of the hour. We are in a position where even bleeding is normal for us. There are many tasks that we have to perform without our consent and desire. It gives tremendous mental and physical pain. Sometimes, the physical pain may last for a few minutes but the mental pain lasts for the entire day. It’s ok to complain yet doing it is the only option.

As a leader, you should lay the egg and enjoy your day. Don’t let that shit ruin your entire day. You have to perform your duty well like professional labor and enjoy the day like a king. It’s we, who have held that pain in our mind. Let the anxiety go out and allow your vacant mind to be filled with prosperity. What had to happen has happened, now you enjoy it.

Don’t destroy all the upcoming good works just because of one bad job. You may perform those activities with a full passion that may make you happy. You need to forget that shit and focus on your upcoming activities to perform well and achieve your group target. Set your mind as it is your daily routine. With time, it will not affect you much. Only by doing so, you will be called a resilient leader, who gets everything done at ease.



This scene is taken from the book “Struggle Scream Success.” The author, Banty Barman, a twenty-six years old lone wolf has beautifully depicted 101 leadership lessons for entrepreneurs from his experience of six incredible years in the direct selling industry. Born and raised in Kolkata, WB and completed his graduation from Calcutta University. His first title “A Mistake that changed my Life.” is a love story where he depicted his true love and emotions for his school life girlfriend in it. Contact him at


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