Isha’s Depressed Mother.

Isha’s Mom

The girl at the stairs was counting her pens and simultaneously making wayward side-eyes at the end of the stairs, scared that her mother would find her. It was her sixth birthday and a few of the kids have gifted her red, blue, and black pens as a gift even though she hasn’t distributed any toffee. Not even a moment passed that her mother climbed the stairs looking like she would kill somebody. Perhaps she will. The crimson blush on her skin made the little girl squeak as she stood up keeping the books and pens aside. Her tiny legs tried to move towards the entrance of the stairs that would lead her to the ceiling. Yet the next moment her mother leaped towards her as she had just stepped inside the gate. The little girl screamed while her mother clutched her shirt as she practically dragged Isha down the stairs shouting at her hysterically. Her toy army helmet fell from her head as her mother started beating her with a wiper. Her hands came in front of her head to protect her from her brutal markings. She screamed, her face twisted in pain as sobbing started. Nobody came to stop her, nobody was there who would. She didn’t understand why her mother was beating her, why she used to beat her every time she faced her.

7 years have passed since that day. Her life had been the same or perhaps worse than it was. Her Mother now couldn’t even identify her, instead every time she faced her she would throw any item she could find. Isha wasn’t alone though, her mother even refused to identify her parents, she gave up all household works. Everyone believed perhaps she was doing these things under the control of a ghost. Hah. Stupid People’s beliefs!


In the last five years, Her father had gone to every kind of religious guru he could find, from Dehradun to Delhi to many places in the hope to get help. Yet nothing helped!


Every time her mother listened to a song she would say with a sparkle in her eyes “This song is played for me. People want to kill me.” And then she will scream at the top of her lungs, or will cry her lungs out. Her sleepless nights would lead her to start doing prayers in the middle of the night. Her Makeup would be over the top, her cheeks would be painted blood red. Last week, when Isha’s uncle got married her mother terrified her Uncle’s newly wedded wife by going to her in the middle of the night with suits as she said. “God has ordered me to give you my clothes, you need to wear them tomorrow.” The poor woman was terrified but still chose to return the clothes. Yep, Isha’s mother believed God was giving direct orders to her. Her mother would cry the whole day, she would wake up early and won’t sleep at all despite her father forcing her to sleep. Isha some nights slept on an empty stomach seeing as her mother and father fought physically. It was an exhausting experience for her and sometimes she wanted to die too. Sometimes she will wake up when her mother will slap her sleeping form.


[Three Years Later]

After struggling to find a perfect treatment for her mother, Her Father’s efforts finally paid off as they found a doctor in a well-known hospital in Delhi. She was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder as well as atypical depression together. She now sleeps a lot and is recovering. She had started to identify her parents as well as Isha. She still cries but for a short time. Doctors had said she will probably need medicines all her life.

Isha is now at peace with her life, she believes God had led them to cry heavily so that he can dry them and make them shine with the help of the sun. She is now aware of the Relatives’ reality who had tried to murder her verbally. Now it is quiet outside while her soul is loud from Inside. Isha sometimes prays that she had not succumbed to stress over the years.

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