In this fast moving and developing world social media has become and inseparable part of our daily lives. Our day starts and ends with it. We are greatly influenced by its pros and cons. It is such a vast virtual platform where exchange of thoughts and opinions occur in larger number. Our thoughts and opinions on social media spreads like fire. If asked to whether giving opinions are necessary then the answer is yes. Yes our opinions are necessary when it gives weight to the topic and is instrumental in giving new direction to the topic. Also when our opinion is relevant and may have a impact. We should give opinions when you have wholesome knowledge about it. But at times if our opinions doesn’t matter on certain topic we should avoid it. We should not share our opinions if it can hurt someone’s sentiments and can disrespect other. We should avoid giving opinions if showing our presence is our main motto. We should know when ,where ,how ,why and what should be our opinion before sharing it. 

Understand When To Use Our Opinions As Instrument And When As A Weapon

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