Indian Media

Life of the generation before us was without any sort of media faculty. But this generation has that advantage, we have media which covers every scene and telecasts it to us.
Media , in other countries telecasts their news simply -without any filters
But Is Indian Media the same?
I guess we all know the answer to this question.
Our Indian media just adds spice to the reality which we Indians appreciate.
Aren’t we at the fault here?
The Indian Media needs trp (television rating point) so they show us whatever we watch, mostly i.e. drama.
I’m not saying that all the fault is ours. I’m just saying that we are the one’s encouraging our Indian media to add extra spice and their imagination to the reality. You make the non issue an issue that’s how you sprinkle the spices all around.
Lastly, few words for our Indian media:
Indian media, you are the great,
You don’t show what’s behind the stage.
You want us to know the starkid blaze,
What about the farmers who are out of the race.
We don’t want to see bollywood anymore,
We want to know the truth that’s all.
You wanted to tell us about the killer of SSR,
But you turned the limelight towards the drugs and the stars.
Indian media, you are great
The people who runs you, are a big mistake
They want fame, they want money
But not the truth, which is shining day and sunny.
Indian media you are great,
You don’t show us what’s behind the stage.
Please Indian media and Indians, it’s a humble request to you all _”Show the reality, love the reality”.
Thank you.
Jai hind 🇮🇳

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