Impact of Social media

Social media has change the way we live our lives. We are more connected to each other ever before like the distance doesn’t matter,but have you ever think about pros and cons of using social media yess I’m talking about advantage and disadvantage of social media. I wanna explain the advantage and disadvantage of social media to you—
Advantage:Well! I think we are blessed to have social media in our lives through which it’s easier to connect to our loves ones, friends, family and to people out there. Through Social media and its connectivity,the information can be share very easily. Its lead to world wide connection. Social media creates feeling of closeness and bond with each other. Social media has proved beneficial in the field of education. It makes learning easier by connecting educators and experts all over the world with the learners. Social media creates awareness in the minds of people. It acts as a medium of information that helps people to do innovations and achieve success through the enhancement of skills and knowledge.
Disadvantage:The disadvantages don’t mean that the approach isn’t affective, but rather, present potential hurdles. People use social media to post content they love, but they also use it to share experiences they didn’t love For example– if a person post there picture on instagram or Facebook they get encouraging, loving response but on other hand it’s also true some people well know as troller troll them or do harsh comment on there content to discourage them or to make them feel bad. This negative feedback comes in different forms. It’s easy for posts to go viral on social media. People keep a close eye on the good and the bad on social media. If you aren’t careful about the content you post, you can end up embarrassing. That’s true and this is a part of our lives, this is how it works only the main thing we have to remember is that the good thing about it is to help people and encourage them as much as possible,through this platform.

“Make sure, you are happy in real life not just in social media life”

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