If I will get a chance to meet our Prime Minister

If I will get a chance to meet our  prime minister, then I will suggest him to launch several schemes , First one is to save our nature, that is if it is compulsory to plant atleast three plants in a year by every citizen then our country will become better place to live, second one is that I will ask him not only to focus on development but should focus on sustainable development in all three aspects social, economical and environmental. 

Thirdly I will ask him how to get equality, yes it’s there in our Constitution that we should not decriminate anyone on the basis of its caste, colour, religion, creed, gender. But in reality all these decriminations use to be done by people in our society, so what are the policies to make India Discrimation free, I will ask him how to develop a mind which is corruption free, positive, nature lover, patriotist, and a good citizen. 

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