Small arguments make a big difference

In society, girls are taught to compromise with their lives in every way. In my view, this is the story of Shivi one such girl who fought fiercely with herself, and those who did not listen to her, taunting her all the time.Thus she brought her life on the right path. At a very young age her father got her married to an uneducated boy in a very rural area, she was accustomed to the modern lifestyle, but did not find any modern lifestyle in her in-laws’ house. Shivi thought that she would have to settle for every kind of situation in her in-laws’ house. Since she was not so mature and her father had married Shivi and her younger sister with two real brothers in the same house at an early age after the death of her mother, she never took any decision herself. Everyone was giving her own advices for how to live in your in laws house,how to manage your life, how to live with her husband etc.At the time of her first child, she had fallen while taking a bath and her child had a miscarriage. yet she was not so ready for rural life,sometimes she confused about such words that she heard first time and she didn’t know the meaning of them which is said by her in laws.Then she gave birth to her second child, it was a boy. The in-laws were very happy to see their grandson.After this baby, her husband’s behavior started changing, he stayed in his office most of the time and rented a room there. If she asked him to stay with her, he would have replied all the time that you stay here and take care of my parents, I can’t keep you out with me.Doubts arose in her mind about her husband but she did not say anything without knowing the truth. One day after dinner she asked her husband why he was out most of the time.”Either he stays here with us or else he should also keep us with him” she said.

Trust is the foundation of relationships.

He was in a relationship with his father’s sister’s daughter and was staying with her in a rented room for a long time.She came to know about her husband and that girl’s relationship, he started an argument with her and her husband started beating her very mercilessly. Hit her so much that she fainted. Her nose started bleeding and eyes It became red and swollen.She found a memory card of her husband and saw a video in which her husband was with the girl without clothes.She kept it with her as evidence and called her house and told everything. Then her husband beat her again and made her unconscious.If you’re a girl then you have to stay quiet 🤫

By the time the relatives reached her in-laws’ house, they found her unconscious.They started beating her husband and kept that evidence also with him. Her father brought his daughter with him to his house and kept it with him for several months but her husband started threatening to take his child back. She filed a case against her husband for her safety. But even in court, her husband started threatening her with a gun in front of everyone.After a few months, everyone again started giving the same nonsense advice, that learn to take care of your in-laws, now that is your real home. Nothing is going to work for you in future, whatever your husband may be, now you will be respected in society by him, how long will you stay with your father? You are a girl, you have to keep quiet.Still she did not give up and after some time went to her in-laws’ house after the court case was closed.
It was written from him by the court that he would not do such an act again and would not harm his wife in any way.After a month or a week, someone left the gas open in the kitchen and sent her to cook as soon as she started burning the gas, the gas cylinder exploded and she was completely burnt. When her real sister came to save her, She was burnt. She was taken to the hospital. Her younger sister told everything to her father, all her family members came to her in the hospital.

She Never Left Hopes

The doctors saved her and asked her to rest for a few months. She came to her home with her father and continued her treatment. Her in-laws did not ask her condition even once. Most of the women of her village, her relatives,her neighbours advised her that here now you have a chance to get your in-laws jailed in the case that they have tried to kill you by burning you.But she did not listen to anyone’s advice, she continued her treatment by staying with her father.After a long time, when everything went well, Shivi decided to go to her in-laws’ house.
And by then her husband too had started behaving well, she forgot everything and started living with him back.


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