From Dad’s Heart to Mine

I wrote a letter today

From Daddy’s heart,



I wish to publish it in your life.


You rose to rose me.

When I ran in confusion bubble

You hammered it into nothingness with your thick curses.


You made me realize the fame in your name is a lie

That It might seem as promises of a beautiful life

But it’s nothing, just a cage that will always be as temporary as time.


You are more like a river

That drowns the indignant sorrows of our family’s wastewater.

I am bound to be an endless supply, another chapter of the water.


Your love scorches through my veins in the hidden depths.

From forever you have been the cleaner of my rust.


You never answer when I inquire about your sorrows.

I wish to take it away.


Even knowing You will choose to soak in your silence while I try to fill that space that inoculates our connection.


Not even for a fraction, you want to let me down.

As if your sorrows will drown me, even if it means you stand drowned in them. 


You are more like a river

saturating the indignant sorrows of our family’s wastewater.


You are the man who built from scratch, 

A breadwinner

A challenger

A thinker

A starter

A fighter


I know you will bleed before you could let me down. 


I know your heart is a river of pain.


I wish to share your cracks,

I wish to pick you up.

Little by little

Then all at once

I wish to make you feel warm again.

I pledge to stand to be valid in your eyes.

I wish I can bring serendipity to you.

Happy Father's Day

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