We see an ant lugging a grain of food and simultaneously climbing the wall. The small entity fail many times but ultimately at one moment it is able to climb. This leaves a question that what is that power which led the entity to it’s goal. But the answer to this question is very simple it’s the inner strength or simply “Inner Fire”. Yes, the inner fire, the internal energy which when evoked can do wonders. It’s the secret element within us and Harbinger of our success. It guides us in the dark times and leads us to the Final destination.

It’s innate but you have to search it. It’s the inner fire that helps the soldier to guard it’s motherland ,an athlete to win the race , the mountaineers to summon the peak, the doctors to treat their patients and the folks to tackle the problems. Difficulties in life are the real examination. It’s the time when we have to be brave and develop the power of belief and awake the inner fire inside you.

“Whenever the Wind’s of Despair Surrounds You,

Unleash the Inner Fire Within You.”


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