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Don’t feel jealous, your girl loves pandas more than you. She will cuddle you once or twice a day but millions of times to a panda, you have gifted her on valentine day. A panda is overloaded with cuteness. Just because of its cute look, girls watch with their eyes out. Not just girls, bro! Sometimes we boys too, like playing with teddy because of its softness. Men are tough but like soft and spongy things. Don’t get me wrong, I am talking about its fur. I don’t know what you thought but hats off to your imagination.

Look at yourself, from top to toe in a mirror, does your look attract others? Do you dress well in every meeting you visit? Do you dress well, while socializing with friends? Is your dressing sense good enough to look like a decent guy?

Don’t worry! I will not tell you to put extra makeup on your face, to look fair and handsome. No need to put on a jacket, full of feathers and look fluffy. What I am trying to say is, we must be organized and well dressed, it’s the only thing in our hands. We cannot change our face unless your dad has enough money for plastic surgery. We can try our level best to look good with whatever skin color, shape, size, and figure we possess.

I am telling you to look good just because it’s a human tendency, we like to associate with those who look good, avoiding the unhygienic ones. As a leader, our personality is the first thing people notice. You can be a very good speaker but remember unless you look good, no one will associate with you. Even on Facebook, girls accept friend requests only after seeing our profile picture (personal experience). They reply to our “Hey” only when our profile picture looks good. If it didn’t happen to you, you are handsome.

In leadership, we don’t need a handsome guy, your squad always seeks an organized guy to be their leader. All your teammates have some scars so they look at you, how beautifully you have managed your scars. Some people hesitate to have scars but as a leader, if you make your scars a tattoo with an untold story, they will admire and follow you. It will inspire them to look good and accept their scars. Only if you look good, people will socialize with you. The more people encircle you the more opportunities you will find, loitering around you. Everyone has some opportunities and threats for you, the better your circle is the more opportunities you have, to grow in life.


This scene is taken from the book “Struggle Scream Success.” The author, Banty Barman, a twenty-six years old lone wolf has beautifully depicted 101 leadership lessons for entrepreneurs from his experience of six incredible years in the direct selling industry. Born and raised in Kolkata, WB and completed his graduation from Calcutta University. His first title “A Mistake that changed my Life.” is a love story where he depicted his true love and emotions for his school life girlfriend in it. Contact him at


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