Failed Proposal

The orange sun peeked from behind her outlining her bare white face as she stood on the deserted street, gazing at the hill, while to Shawn her bare back was facing him. Shawn’s eyes were lost beyond the hill, his hands fiddling with the ring he had brought for her.

The orange hangover sun engulfed her shiny white back and he held his urge to kiss her there. There was nothing that could have been more pleasant to his senses than her.

“Rosaline. Happy birthday My love. My life.” He wished. Making his way towards her.

She kept her eyes on the empty hills which proved a treat to her eyes as the sun rays started to peep in the world. They were silent except for some occasional voices of vehicles’ wheels droning as well as birds chirping in the background decreasing her tiredness as the solitude took over her.

There had been enough opportunities, and She knew she should have told him about her upcoming wedding but his emotions always made her stop. Now she realized this was a mistake. A big one.

“What’s wrong Rosie? ”

“I am getting married.” The ring slipped from his hands landing on the hard concrete floor of the road with a thud. Slowly The temperature started to feel grazing to the 20s while the cold wind that should have a melt him like ice cubes did nothing to him. Sweating started.

“You are joking right?” His voice betrayed his face just like how the flowers betrayed their plants and fell over them.

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