Environment chain

The big bang allowed us to come into the inadvertent beautiful Earth

We were migrants, but we started settling

One million

Two million


Seven Billion

We divided the land into countries

Countries to States

States to cities

Cities to districts

Forests remained no more

 The splitting continued in our society too.


We were not thankful for the beautiful resources, 

We still aren’t!


Whatever Earth Provided us;

Instead, we sucked its beauty like leeches.

From Deforestation to every kind of pollution.

We have never worked for a solution.

Our crimes come much more from our needs, but instead of adapting, we force Earth to tend to our needs.


The Needs are

Causing primordial wounds.

Wounds that will ultimately affect us from womb to tomb.

The environment has chained us,

And we will be lifted

By its fingertips.

Whether you believe you are detached from it.

Or you believe you are attached to it.


Every time we are mistreating it

We are mistreating ourselves.


The Environment blinked wordlessly punishing us for our crimes.

And you can see the people dying without a time

Yes, I am one of the leeches too.

I baptize myself though.

I hope you baptize yourself too.


Environment Chain

I am sure

In one two or new

We can create a wonderful land.

Let’s create a layout of a new goal.

A Goal to mold ourselves to, humans, 

A human who gives more than he takes.

Let’s start by planting a new plant.

Contemplate so much that next time 

The environment doesn’t have to sing forgotten melodies of its pain.

Because it’s pain

Is not our gain.

We are a chain.

The more it pains.

The more we will feel that chain.


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