Connection to the World – The Power of Social Media

Social Media in today’s world has become a very vital part of our lives. From being connected with our old school and college friends to heping small and medium scale businesses cope up in this corporate race with creative marketing tactics, Social media has many such benefits. Rather than being on social media for liesure, it has become a necessity to be online to know whats going on around the world. And one such application is Instagram. Ofcourse the app is more used by Gen-Z generation but it is also a gateway for expansion of one’s knowledge and get updated with the current affairs. And my experience has been great with the app till now. Being on Instagram has helped me to get to know about various social patriarchal norms and has also helped me get knowledge about the current trends in the country’s social and business arena. I use it to stay connected with old friends and to know about societal, political and business positions in the country and around the world. And ofcourse I also put up my views on it in the form of stories on the topics I feel moved towoards. It has also sparked a sense of having a point of view on various social and political norms and express them in this virtual social platform without any interference or political oppression. But ofcourse it has its own demerits too :-

1. Addiction to the social media apps.

2. Having more vitual friends rather than having real friends.

3. Getting exposure to much more explicit content than the age allows.

and many more……

But ofcourse if used wisely, it can be a fantastic tool to increase your reach and develop useful business connections throughout the world.

just_me_sahil – my instagram user name.


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