Confidence: An accessory or necessary

A short and sweet definition from my side would be something that gives us power, that strength to represent ourselves as we are. It is ofcourse a thing, more than a thing it’s a feeling that we carry with us. But do we carry it all the time or we have to search for it everytime we need it. Who knows if we own it or we have to earn it? Every person has to answer these questions for him/herself because no one knows what’s going on inside each unique human being.

Now don’t you feel, this word confidence which you hear very often, like atleast two to three times a day and you know very little about your own confidence. So ask yourself questions, shake it in your mind and become aware of the situations where you stay under confident, situations in which you show over confidence and also the situations where you are able to balance effectively your confidence.


I conclude, “Confidence is not an accessory that you just put on and walk off, instead its a cloth which you stitch with your own experiences, failures, dreams and mindset”.


_Nikita Lahoti

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