Child Labour


Those tiny steps the littlest feet takes
Is the beginning of wander and hope.
Hopeful eyes, million dreams, curiosity
To learn and a courageous mind to move forward.
But drenched and destroyed by the
cruel and greedy society.

The society wants money and power,
So they crushes the hopeful minds
And sell children or send the
Helpless children to work all day,
Who dreamt to read, learn and play all day.

The nation wants to end poverty.
But the irony of the nation is that
The future of the nation and
The citizens of tomorrow are sold into slavery.

Instead of carrying school bags,
They carry coals and mines.
They take their axes instead of pen and pencil.
School should be the place where they should go.
But people are putting them in factories and caves.

Children should be carefully and lovingly nurtured.
But they work all day with a broken back and unhealed scars.
The caged souls look at the boundless sky for a glimpse of hope,
But they are locked in a room and cannot grasp it.

Those shameless creatures commit sin every moment.
But still they laugh and live their life.
But the tender and bold creatures are forced to do slavery,
Can’t even remember when was the last time they smiled.

Trying to hold their last breath.
But they are brutally beaten and are only left with broken and missing limbs.
They howl and cry for help
But die slowly in the same spot.

Raise your voice. Fight for a cause. Children are meant to glide high with glee. They are not born to live in a cage.
Bring back the smile on their face.
Stop Child Labour!

©Kaushiki Sarkar
Ig I’d – @__tok_jhal_misti__


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