“Born To Fly”

Without faith, you are as a crow who has forgotten his ability to fly; you peck at the dark, muddy earth when the bright mountains lie before you.

Seth Adam Smith


We all are born to fly, don’t forget your ability and qualities. You are strong enough to change the world. You can fight your battle alone and defy everyone. If you’re gonna think yourself weak, then you will be weak but if you’re gonna think yourself strong, you will definitely be weak, it’s just a matter of thinking.


If you are not gonna trust yourself, nobody will ever trust you. Yes, you are born to fly high in the sky.

Have you listed the song “Toota Toota Ek Parinda”, it motivates me to try hard to achieve my goals because always remember one thing – if you are gonna try, then you will be broken, you will learn, you will accept your failure but if you are gonna try, then you will never be able to change you and your destiny.


We watch motivated videos but don’t you think we should watch failure one rather that? Failure one teaches us about those mistakes what we shouldn’t do.

So everyone is “BORN TO FLY” in their own field and has their own capabilities and abilities..

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