Early morning at bed
Early night to bed
Between lies the story
of stillness and stagnance
a thought of mind
Been inside since weeks
just to leave this stagnant mood
wearing the mask of bookworms
for the sake of the so called exams
diverted its way to far away
due to an uninvited guest
totally dangerous giant
with a feel of touch
could kill anyone

something like robotic
without emotions
quest for something interesting
nothing rather
the entertainment box either
could prove to be laughing back
either food nor friends could bring
happiness while online.

Just the learning mode
With force push off the day
totally mind is set to madness
mind couldn’t let sleep the day off.

Some songs little been to help
Taking to some world.
There’s a ray of light
bringing peace
that brightness
ward off the darkest moments
without knowing how hungry been

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