Body shaming

⭕Please don’t feel offensive⭕
The caution was necessary in the first line because today’s topic is the most common gossip all over the world but when anyone writes about it, people feel offended. Why?
I mean, why do people gossip about it when they – themselves feel offended?
Do you know?
Body shaming is way more dangerous than it sounds.
Saying things like – “Oh! You’ve put on some weight? “,
” Hey, fatty! “,
” Why are you so skinny,Have you ever gained some weight? ” ,
” See, how short is she? “,
” She’s too tall,will she get anyone of her height?
And many more are the different ways of body shaming anyone.
There are many celebrities who has gone through the body shaming – Lili Reinhart, Selena Gomez, Jenifer Anniston, Kim Kardashian, Priyanka Chopra, etc.
This doesn’t start when you work somewhere or when you are at a wedding, this starts from our dearest second home i.e. our schools.
I’ve been through this phase, where my classmates used to say that I’m fat, a guy even used to call me “dinosaur”. At that time, I used to talk to everyone but no-one was my real friend. I thought three of the girls were my real friends but they were my “so-called friends”. They used to bully me, body shame me. Then I got to know that I just have 1 real friend at that time, whenever I cried she was there to make me stop crying. She stood by me and taught me to fight for myself.
This body shaming affected my mental health, a lot but I never told anyone. Gradually, the school days went by . After the school, when I came to the college, at first I thought everyone will do body shaming here too. But no, everyone was so good. Specially, 4 of my dear friends. They fought for me, they told me how to face this body shaming thing.
I’m lucky that I got friends like these 5 .
My confidence built up because of these five girls.
Everyone is not that lucky, some loose their confidence, gets depressed, try to harm themselves or worst, try to commit suicide.
All of this, just because of 1 small thing- Physical appearance.
Please understand guys- You first have to accept yourself as you are, then only you can survive in this world. Then only the people around you will accept you the way you are.

Thank you.
Jai hind🇮🇳.

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