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Bengaluru is known as Silicon Valley of India because of its portion has the nationals leading IT exports a demographical diversity Bengaluru is a major economic and culture hub and the fastest growing Metro politics in India while Bengaluru is a face most well-known has a tech hub in India it truly has so much more to offer Bengaluru is famous for its Garden reach your sights nightlife shopping architecture Bengaluru city is known for its charm and luxurious modern lifestyle and the best comfortable of living people are look out for luxury and comfort in every aspects of life the posh luxury living in a status factory for many and they are ready to spend even if they are available in high priceThe altitude has experts put it the city stands at height of about 900 m or 3000 m from the sealevel people come from all over the world to Bangalore to relax and have fun there are all types of people in Bengaluru and the Bengaluru is known for its street food the street food is really delicious and all varieties of food are found in Bengaluru .Bengaluru is a very cool place.
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