A turning point

“And my life changed from then”, she said. That girl is now a famous writer.
At the age of 17,she was rejected from Oxford University. At the age of 25, she came to know that her mother died of a disease named multiple sclerosis. At the age of 26, she had a miscarriage. At the age of 27,she got married. Her husband used to abuse her, despite this she was blessed with a daughter. At the age of 28, she was divorced and diagnosed with severe depression. At the age of 29,she was living under the roof of a social welfare as a single mother. At the age of 30, she wanted to commit suicide but she directed all her dedication and passion on doing one thing which she’s great at-That was writing. At the age of 31,she finally published her first book. At the age of 35,she released 4 books and was named Author of the year. At age 42,she sold 11 million copies of her new book, on the first day of it’s release. This woman is J. K. Rowling.

Today, her series book is worth more than 15 billion dollars. The series is none other than Harry Potter.
She taught everyone a lesson, “Never give up, believe in yourself, be passionate and work hard. It’s never too late.”
Similarly, everyone has such a turning point in their life which changes their perspective over everything.

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