A lone wolf is dangerous

Wolves live in a group called a pack. It contains a couple of male and female termed as parents and their many children. Some children are newborn and some are young, about to be an adult. Whenever a wolf becomes an adult, he is kicked out of the pack by the dominating male of that group. A wolf who has been kicked out or has left of its own accord is called a lone wolf.

Lone wolves avoid contact with their pack and howl alone. They aren’t worthless, they become perfectly well adapted to look after themselves. They learn how to stay happy alone. When a lone wolf howls on an open surface, it is the loudest. It can be heard up to 10 km, louder than the roar of a lion whose roar is heard only up to 8 km.

Ask yourself, are you a lone wolf? Do you feel you are thrown away from the trend of society? Are you building your kingdom? Are you adapting and adjusting yourself to the harsh situation? Do you like doing things alone? Do you enjoy your company when no one is with you? Do you crumble and give up, when things aren’t going your way, or do you think like a wolf and preserve?

If most of your answers to the above questions are yes, congratulations you are a lone wolf just as I am. When we are adaptable to many circumstances, it becomes very easy for us to deal with them and it leads us to success. Wolves don’t waste time feeling sorry for themselves or complaining, life isn’t fair. They adapt to the situation, accepting their circumstances and leveraging the resources available at the time to come out ahead and alone.

In human terms, a lone wolf is a person who likes to do things on their own, without other’s involvement. By desire or helplessness, they do their stuff alone. Sometimes we all feel, we don’t belong to any particular group and that’s what makes us unique. A leader, as a lone wolf, leads his team alone. He utilizes the available resources in the best way and creates maximum output.

If you think you are a lone wolf then create massive results, with whatever resources you have. Do not complain, you are not getting adequate resources and services from the organization, just roll the ball with whatever you have and wherever you are and make a fascinating empire.


This scene is taken from the book “Struggle Scream Success.” The author, Banty Barman, a twenty-six years old lone wolf has beautifully depicted 101 leadership lessons for entrepreneurs from his experience of six incredible years in the direct selling industry. Born and raised in Kolkata, WB and completed his graduation from Calcutta University. His first title “A Mistake that changed my Life.” is a love story where he depicted his true love and emotions for his school life girlfriend in it. Contact him at barmanbanty@gmail.com.



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