A life from simple watch to Digital watches

A life fromsimple watch to   Digital watches

The watch was designed to keep consistent movement despite the motions caused by the person’s activities.

A wristwatch is a watch attached with any kind of strap (it may include leather, metal, or another type of bracelet).

A pocket watch is a design to carry in a pocket, often attached to a chain.

Watches started from a mechanical mechanism and reached to electronic quartz mechanism. Modern watches display time, day, date, and year which were complications for a mechanical watch. Modern watches also have extra features like timers, alarms, and chronographs. Smartwatches have more additional features including GPS, calculators, and Bluetooth facilities, even some of them have cameras and Sim insertion facilities too. One can say a kind of mini mobile phone. Additional to these features nowadays watches give heart rate monitoring and step tracking functionalities.


The first electric watch uses the battery as a power source. That was initiated by ELGIN (in 1950 model 725) and HAMILTON (the first model in 1957 and second 1959).  After their initiatives, electric watches were developed using a tuning fork resonator, which increases accuracy. Then came the commercial introduction of quartz watches which was in late 1969 but the first quartz watch was already released in 1967 which worked by the vibrations made by the piezoelectric effect. Most of these watches had analog displays and radio signals were used. Watches with digital display came into role after a long time. Analog watches have a mechanical structure such as dial and hands whereas digital ones use liquid crystal and LED by which they display digitally.


Also, there was a time in the 1970s that solar-powered watches came into existence which was powered by solar light. With the advancement of technology, a talking watch was also introduced especially for blind people.

So, as technology is growing day by day, there are advancements in watches and more additional features are being introduced.


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