7 P’s of Goal Setting

When you are inspired by the generosity of philanthropists, you aspire to be one of them. However, you have to be rich. In order to be rich you need to do something to bring you the wealth. What you need is a goal to turn your dream into reality. Here are the 7 P’s in goal setting:

1. Passionate: Are you fervently interested in what you intend to do. Not only that, are you able to do it easily and better than other people? Your goal is your inspiration and aspiration.

2. Positive mindset: A positive mental attitude is essential to realize your objectives. You will look at things on the bright side and work diligently towards your goals.

3. Practical: Is it achievable? Is it useful to yourself and others? Your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. When you have many goals, set priority for each goal and work accordingly so that you are not overwhelmed.

4. Put in writing: Written goals are powerful tool. It is precise, clear and written in positive terms. It spells out in great details the tasks for each stage and the completion dates. You will be kept posted to do your daily tasks because you notice it every day.

5. Plan: You set yearly, monthly, weekly and daily tasks. Your plan is your road map. You follow accordingly to get what you want in life.

6. Pay the price: A goal is not a goal when you can get something easily. It involves time and tremendous effort. It takes blood, sweat and tears to reach your goal.

7. Perseverance: Do not be disheartened by setbacks along the way. Look at failures and problems as valuable lessons to learn. There is no overnight success. It can take many years to achieve your goals.

Goals give you meaning in life. They provide direction and measure your success. You know what you are looking for and every day you strive to reach your objectives.

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