Why DID windows phones fail?

Why DID windows phoneS fail?

There are many reasons for the failure of windows phones which include the licensing approach on one hand and attracting app developers on another. One more point came to know through some sources that Microsoft increased its budget after the starting of development. If it would have invested in the beginning the situation would be different. We could easily understand that Microsoft’s execution was too late and too little in investment. It was also noted that developers lack interest while developing which is one of the great disadvantages while developing.

Bill Gates (co-founder of Microsoft)’s biggest regret was Microsoft’s failure in creating Android. As Google was new in the business of the Operating System so, it didn’t take this seriously. Android was not smooth then, but the only value was of services Google provides. So, WP looks cheap as Google slashed Microsoft from YouTube, Gmail, Maps, etc.

“Botched Windows 8” was another mistake made by Microsoft. The stigma over Microsoft’s Metro interface showed wonderful performance for Windows 7 mobile but was not good with desktop especially with Windows 8. Also, WP lost its curiosity among people because of things distorted by Windows. By the end of 2014, either iOS or Android was oriented by mobile users. But as stated by the engineer Windows phone had superior coding as compared to Android. There is one more thing that should be put under consideration i.e. Eclipse IDE was used which has fewer features and lacks in many things if compared to Visual Studio.


Android is a leader in the case of price and Apple’s iPhone is the leader in quality but if we see Microsoft’s phones it failed in both, it was neither a cost leader nor a quality leader. Also, its development model was so different from Android and iOS that apps were not easily portable even. There was one more issue that the team developing the software differed from the team making OS which gave it a more devastating effect. So, it suffered compiling problems even.

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