A poem for my poem. I saw a poem standing outside my door during these heavy rains. Completely wet in the rain. Banging my doorbell. I asked him what brought him to my house. Did my pieces hurt him or it was my love soaked letters lying inside my diary. Was it the essence of strong coffee beans we used to roast or those furs from the cushions we used to fight with. Was it out of that nostalgia feeling of the pizza he got last night or that ice cream that reminded him the stains on the bed. I asked him was it out of love or the curiosity to visit me. I thought how did he find my address cuz I was lost somewhere even I didn’t know. Did he searched in the Google or walked with his heart beats as in the movie “SANAM RE” and stopped just to say “yeah! there she is”. I looked into those eyes and asked “Why do you even think of me now? Was it the memory which refused to burn like those snaps or those smiles which are still there after deleting your social media? Or those poems which couldn’t be erased?”

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