To the special gift of My Life ❣

To my very special mother. On her very special day, I’m writing you this poem,

Since there’s some things I’d like to say,

Thanks for thinking I’m funny, Even though I’m really not, And although I hardly say it. I love you quite a lot,

Thanks for taking me places, I couldn’t have gotten on my own, And for always making our house, Feel a lot more like a home, Thanks for always being there, To make sure that I’m okay.. So I know that if I need you, You’re just a hug away, Thanks for all the good times passed, nd the ones that are still to come, For always being a person, I’m proud to call my mum, You can’t choose who your family is. But if it was something I could do, I know if I could go back now, My choice would be still you.

– Adyasha ❤

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