The Past Is Deep

Never shall you dream, it may hurt;

The reply, you beg for, shall be curt.

Hurts heal, marks left;

Is a common thing, think of the rest!

Life you have seen, is easy as pie;

Life you shall see, be a bed of roses to lie.


But, what of the unknown,

What if the sun never shone.

Don’t dream for the future,

Cause reminiscence you should nurture.

Thinking and dreaming are causes of pain,

You shall die if you keep on the strain.


But to dream is yet necessary,

To think is just thoughts to bury.

Dream big; dream small;

Dream after a jump; after a fall;

Cause dreaming is hoping, dreams are hope;

Cause thinking is knowing, answers to stone.


Live to dream; dream to live;

Live to think; think to live.

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