The Pandemic and Us

Since we have been in this pandemic for a long while and we really don’t know when we are going to come out of this mess. It has taught us a lot of things. Things we have never thought of. We are still advancing ourselves and trying to find out those things that can be helpful to us. Let us talk about something over that.

Source- History
  1. Advancement in technology- We have evolved a lot and now we are at that stage where we can say that we have been relying on some of the best technologies we have ever had. Like, in 2019 I guess very few people have thought about video conferencing with around 1000 people at the same time and that too without any disturbance. But, now we are at that stage where we can not only connect with a lot of people but also, we can use AI technologies in such a way that we can conduct that convocation ceremonies in 3D form.
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Also, we have now evolved so much that we are now having entertainment in our phones and portables. Like, movies that were supposed to launch in theatres are now getting launched on OTT platforms. This has been a great advancement for those who don’t love to go to multiplexes or cinemas. Moreover, people also understood that instead of investing around 200 rs to 400 or more they can get a lot of stuff under 500 for 1 year. And, if I include snacks, it is also very economical.

2. Habits- Think about the time when we used to come from somewhere and we used to only wash our hands with water. Now things have changed like we are carrying sanitizers, washing our hands regularly, and trying to keep ourselves clean as much as we can. Also, trying to keep our places hygenic. We are also trying to avoid those rushy crowds in metros, locals, and busses.

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We have started considering our body that what we are eating, are the foods we are consuming daily good for our health. We have started taking care of physical workouts be it exercise, gyming, or yoga.

3. Information- There was a time when we were getting a lot of information in which some of them were true and some were fake. We now have got the knowledge that we are now living in the era where information needs to be verified since we are surrounded with information in a huge number. Whenever we have a lot of products in the market there are chances of that some might be not suitable for your requirements. That too happened with information. I would also suggest you kindly verify the information which is looking doubtful to you.

Source- BBC

4. Humanity- Whoever thought that in this mean world someone would be praying for you. Those, hospital owners will be crying since they were not able to save patients. Nobody would have ever thought that we will be sharing information regarding different amenities that will be shared by a lot of people to help others.

Source- Forbes

I guess talk about workers, farmers and labours were now came into existence after a long time after the french revolution and industrial revolution. Karl Marx would have been happy but again it ended up like Rasika Duggal aka Bina’s dialogue in Mirzapur “Har Baar Garam Karke Thanda Chhod Dete Hain”.

Jokes apart, people came in front of the world to contribute in every department where they can and many did tremendous work and many failed. But, efforts will be appreciated.

So, with this note I would say, we have come a long way and we should learn from the pandemic. Stay home, stay safe.

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