The Day We Met

Theme: The day we Met!

I stared at you,
You blinked,

My heart was gone
Gone for a lifetime
Your knuckles brushed against mine as you walked through the train-silvery floor,
Leaving sparks behind.

I was lured into the abyss of your honey-filled orbs.
The temptation was fatal by every means.
But I hesitated;

In that black, t-shirt and a simple pair of jeans.
Your face remained hardened perhaps tricking my family.

My heart thudded inside my chest as my eyes met yours every time I craned my neck away from the window.

What was it?
I didn’t know, but you were courageous enough to stare
Despite surviving at the receiving end of my father’s deathly glare.

I watched you half in awe and half in horror until I fell asleep.

Maybe we will meet again, on another journey, another train.

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