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Shalini Mishra

Author: Journey To Your Awesomeness Motivational Speaker

Shalini Mishra has been born and brought up in Raipur. She has been a vivid reader since childhood and believes in the physical as well as emotional fitness of an individual. She loves to motivate people and strives to give them a positive approach to life.

Dr. Aakash Jaiswal

Director: Kaushalya Academy Dentist, Influencer

Aakash Jaiswal has born in Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh. He has tried to simplify it by adopting many new methods in the field of education and through this, he is making a big contribution to the country.

Shabnam Hashmi

Indian social activist and human rights campaigner

Shabnam Hashmi is an Indian social activist and human rights, campaigner. Her brothers are Safdar Hashmi and Sohail Hashmi. Safdar Hashmi was a communist playwright and director, best known for his work with street theatre in India.