Social media harassment

Do you know? Our country has developed so much but the crime rates are increasing day by day.
Criminals are finding new ways to accomplish their crime.
Like , at first , there were murders, rapes, etc only . But now they’ve got a new way i.e. cyber crime.
By this , every detail of yours can be hacked, people are getting trolled, harassed, etc.
A big part of this crime is related to social media. Platforms like Instagram, twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc are used majorly to conduct crimes like trolling and harassing people.
Few months ago, there was a group on Instagram, named boys locker room. In that chat room some guys were talking to each other, a girl used a fake id named Siddhart and asked the guys to sexually assault herself. The guy said no and sent the screenshot of the chat to the girl and some of his friends. The girl didn’t file any case because she was the one who was talking with the fake id. One of the other recipients of the screenshot posted it on social media which was caught by police and investigation started. About 24 people related to this crime were taken under custody.
Being just juvenile, these people created such a chaos on social media.
Think of the consequences of cases more like these!

Another big social media crime is trolling. Many people use fake ID’s to troll famous personalities. These trollings sometimes become very dangerous.
There are many cases of trolling and social media abusing.
Shouldn’t we, as young youth stop talking this?
There are many people, who use photoshop nowadays and put a girls face or a guy’s face over the face of the nude model and blackmail the person.
Some people report it but many of them don’t, because of the reputation of their family.
There was a case based on this, where there was a 26 yr old boy from Bengaluru hanged himself because of the ‘sextortion’. The gang which blackmailing, after he died, called his elder sister and started to blackmail. But his sister filed an FIR against that gang and after sometime police caught the gang. The gang was being operated from Rajasthan.
After this case, many more cases came out which were hidden because of the reputations of their family.

Cyber frauds:“Cyber attackers pretending to be bank officials make calls (vishing) or send emails or SMSes (phishing) to customers, asking them for their account numbers, credit or debit card numbers, CVV, OTP etc,” a cyber crime police officer said. From January to April, police registered 2,103 cases.

In chennai , The state government has decided to invoke the POSCO act against those ,who misbehave during online classes. This move is been taken a day after a teacher misbehaved during online class was arrested after complaints of harassment went viral on social media by students.
Now, more than ever, the cases related to social media harassment are increased because of the need of maximum use of social media.

We should encourage our friends to spread the sense of ,good use of social media. If anything bad happens to you through social media, don’t keep quite, raise your voice, report to the police. Don’t take your own life.
Use social media for spreading positivity, not crimes.

Thank you🙏
Jai hind 🇮🇳.

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