Read the paragraphs in any order, the story will still make sense :)

She found a dead body. It must have been just three days old. The skin had started to discolour, turning a sickly yellow grey that stood out against the disheveled dark hair. They must have been about fifteen years old. The thought sent a pang of remembrance through her. It wasn’t the first dead body she’d seen, definitely wasn’t going to be the last.

She tightened her hold on the gun in her thigh holster as she trudged further along the non-existent path. Wading her way through shrubberies and blades of grass, sneaking a peak behind her every now and then, she focused on reaching the specific spot.

She placed a palm on the tree bark, moving her fingers to trace the notch she had marked. It was utterly dark, not a sound to be heard in the woods. She did not dare to use a flashlight lest someone spot her. Even as various gory images flashed through her mind, her own memories, she gritted her teeth in determination. She took a silent deep breath and moved her feet along. She had a job to do.

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