Qualities of Anchors

1.Dynamic Nature :-

Anchor should be eloquent in speaking. The nature of his dialect attracts and his dialect towards the people. So that people can accept his speech.

2. Good  Communication :-

The words that an Anchor utters should be tolerable and sweet. Have good communication and have strong hold of his words.

3.Flexible Attitude :-

When the anchor starts speaking, the version is not of a nature. He should not have any hesitation and move the body and talk.

4. Good listener :-

When the anchor is spoken ,it will have a good effect on the listener. Good ,his words must have some character. Have the ability to understand his feelings or be awake.

5. Gestures :-

When the anchor talks with action, it will have such an effect on the listener. He could understand and understand the feelings of the Anchor.

6. Behaviour :-

The Anchor’s costumes and manner of speaking also affect the Listeners.

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