Territories are compressed

Into a zip file.

fields,paddy and wheat

Are compressed into

The hidden folder;

the only soft part found in them.

Our mother’s acidity burned -intestines ,

Haven’t done cartography in

Any corners of their mother board.

Our hard times are encrypted,

Fixed in their hard disk

Our design is under modification

For We’re quarantined.

Twenty twenty  is a fast game.

Game of the gentleman

One should score out of boundaries most of time.

Like China do to India,

India do to China

Today I saw in my courtyard a Myna.*

Single Myna is a bad omen

My moms mechanical brain

Started having hallucinations

She said.

Kla kla kli kli kloo kloo*

China did suicide,Myna sung!

So,America came to an end.

Kla kla kli kli kloo kloo

Ram did suicide Myna sung

So,India came to an end.

Poor and voters did suicide

So,Rich and leaders –

came to an end.

Now earth is left Silent and quite.

In a mother board,our mothers acidity burned.

Single Myna was a bad omen

Everything came to an end.

In a hard disk ,

Our design Left unfinished.

Territories are compressed

Into a zip file.


myna* is a bird .

Kla kla kli kli kloo kloo* the tweet of myna.

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